Band member of Surcari

Eugenio Huanca, a native of Chile, has devoted his life to playing music from Latin America and the Andes. He is a certified member of the Aymara indigenous group according to The National Corporation for Indigenous Development (CONADI) founded by the Indigenous Law, which recognized all indigenous peoples of Chile. Eugenio is a very accomplished musician who not only performs, but also builds his own musical instruments. He has traveled all over South, Central and North America performing on national television in each country he visited.

Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, and the Smithsonian Institute are among the most prestigious venues where he has performed. At Boston Symphony Hall, he performed with the Boston Pops. At the National Cathedral, he performed with world-renowned soprano Denise Graves. Eugenio's former group, Guamary, participated in the soundtrack for the PBS documentary: "Flight of the Condor." He is a former band member of several Latin groups, such as Altiplano, Flor de Caña, Sol y Canto, Andes Manta, and Viva Quetzal. He has recorded over a dozen albums with the aforementioned bands and other recording artists.

Mr. Huanca is widely regarded for his musicality and versatility. He is a gifted vocalist and multi-instrumentalist who performs on over thirty wind, string, and percussion instruments. He plays a wide array of bamboo flutes and ocarinas, as well as different types of panpipes from the Andes, including the six-foot long panpipes. He also plays guitar, charango, macho charango, Venezuelan cuatro, Colombian tiple, cajón, caja vallenata, bongos, bombo legüero, and many more.

Eugenio is a longtime member of Surcari, an award-winning performance group originally from Chile, Venezuela and Puerto Rico under the musical direction of guitarist Lorena Garay. Surcari's self-titled album, Surcari, won third place for Best South and Central American Album at the 2009 Just Plain Folks Independent Music Awards. Last year, Surcari received the Arts For Learning Connecticut's 2018 Performing Artist of the Year Award.

The members of Surcari are Arts for Learning Connecticut artists who give multicultural performances throughout the region.