Surcari (a combination of two words: Suramérica and Caribbean) is an award-winning performance group originally from Chile and Puerto Rico under the musical direction of guitarist Lorena Garay. The versatile members of Surcari perform captivating and upbeat Latin American music on a wide variety of traditional instruments. Their colorful performances engage audiences of all ages as they sing, clap, dance, and play hand percussion instruments while learning about different Spanish-speaking cultures. A multicultural experience not to be missed, Surcari's musical presentations take audience participation to a new level of interaction!

This highly interactive program is based on the musical styles and traditions of the Andes, the Spanish Caribbean, South America, Spain and Mexico. Surcari provides the sound system and the extensive collection of hand percussion instruments and ethnic hats that student volunteers enthusiastically play and wear during the program. (Note: Hats are sanitized after each use. Surcari has band liability insurance and background checks on file.)

PROGRAM FORMATS (Can be customized to fit your curriculum)

- Family Concert (Auditorium/Gym Setting): A multicultural performance for the entire family.

- Assembly Program (Auditorium/Gym Setting): An interactive & participatory performance for students K-12.

- Children's Program (Library/Museum Setting): An interactive & participatory performance for children and families.

- Workshop (Classroom Setting): A hands-on program of Latin American music for students of all ages.

- Lecture Demonstration (University/College Setting): An educational talk with music for college students.

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Surcari is certified in the Young Audiences Arts For Learning Signature Core Services for performing artists. This reflects the artist's commitment to provide the opportunity for an audience participant to experience the art form, create in the art form, understand the art form, and connect the art form to other areas in life.

Arts for Learning Connecticut Artists, Surcari, give multicultural performances throughout the region. Surcari is on the Arts Department of Economic and Community Development's Directory of Performing and Teaching Artists, and the New England Foundation for the Arts/New England States Touring (NEST) Roster.