Surcari (a combination of two words: Suramérica and Caribbean) is a performance group originally from Chile and Puerto Rico under the musical direction of guitarist Lorena Garay. The versatile members of Surcari are talented and gifted musicians who have performed for audiences in the United States, South America and Europe. They perform a blend of traditional and original Latin American music on a wide variety of musical instruments.

Surcari's extensive repertoire is drawn from the group's artistic influences, which include classical, folk, afro, Latin jazz, world, and flamenco. Their colorful performances engage audiences of all ages as they are introduced to irresistible instrumental and vocal music from the Andes, the Spanish Caribbean, South America, Spain and Mexico. Audiences are impressed by their joyful yet intense way of playing.

Lorena Garay, Eugenio Huanca and Gonzalo Cortes are Young Audiences Arts for Learning Connecticut Artists who give multicultural performances throughout the region. Surcari is on the Arts Department of Economic and Community Development's Directory of Performing and Teaching Artists and the New England Foundation for the Arts/New England States Touring (NEST) Roster.

Surcari's self-titled album, Surcari, won third place for Best South and Central American Album at the 2009 Just Plain Folks Independent Music Awards. NEWS! This year, Surcari will receive the Arts For Learning Connecticut Award for Artist of the Year! They will receive the award on May 3, 2018.

Lorena Garay is an award-winning guitarist from Puerto Rico who performs a wide range of musical styles.

Surcari performs every Sunday at the 12:15 p.m. Spanish service at Church of the Good Shepherd in Hartford, CT.

Gonzalo Cortés, a native of Chile, began studying flute at the age of twelve at La Serena School of Music in Chile.

Eugenio Huanca, a native of Chile, has devoted his life to playing music from Latin America and the Andes.