Lorena Garay’s performance at our wedding was the perfect compliment to our celebration, adding a beauty and depth to the occasion that enhanced each moment.

Lorena is a fantastic musician, but beyond that she brings an intense joy and humanity to her performance that is perfect for such an intimate and deeply meaningful occasion.

We wanted a very personal wedding, with all the special touches provided by people we felt close to. From reading Lorena’s website, we were able to tell that she was not only a talented musician but also a warm and friendly person who would provide the human touch that we desired.

In the months leading up to the wedding, Lorena communicated with us frequently, to ensure that she understood the mood we were trying to create. She was very receptive to our requests and helped us select appropriate pieces for the different parts of the event. By the time of the wedding, we felt like Lorena was a friend, even though we had only talked over the phone.

As a musician, Lorena has a versatility that allows her to respond to the different moods of the occasion while maintaining the integrity of her performance. She gauged her performance to match each part of our celebration. During the ceremony, her solo pieces were the perfect compliments to the simple but stunning beauty of the location and the intensity of the moment. Throughout dinner, her music was unobtrusive but exquisite, wending its way into the pauses between conversation. As the reception progressed, the guests became increasingly engaged with her music, and she responded to their enthusiasm with more lively pieces. With the accompaniment of her partner Eugenio Huanca, she began to play irresistible dance music, making it impossible to remain still in our seats.

Lorena also provided the use of her amplification system for our dancing afterwards, and we appreciated the fine quality of the sound to keep us all inspired through the night. With a little persuasion, we even got Lorena and Eugenio to dance with us, much to everyone’s delight.

Having Lorena play for our wedding was one of the best decisions we made. We feel truly blessed that she shared her talent with us and recommend her highly to all couples planning a warm and festive celebration.         

- Kelly Payson-Roopchand and Anil Roopchand